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Creating Content During a [Holiday/Event]: Tips for Capitalizing on Trends

Creating Content During a [Holiday/Event]: Tips for Capitalizing on Trends

Creating Content During a [Holiday/Event]: Tips for Capitalizing on Trends
Creating Content During a [Holiday/Event]: Tips for Capitalizing on Trends

Holidays, cultural events, and seasonal moments are prime opportunities for creators. When your niche aligns with an upcoming occasion, crafting strategic content around the event can help you capitalize on rising searches and engagement.

But with so many creators hopping on trends, it can be tough to stand out. Here are my top tips for creating videos around a [holiday] that rise above the noise:

Brainstorm Specific Video Ideas

Avoid generic “[holiday] DIY ideas” or “[holiday] gift guide” videos that blend into the masses. Think outside the box for unique ideas specifically tailored to your niche.

If you’re a lifestyle vlogger, film prepping for the occasion. As a gamer, review limited edition games released for the [holiday]. Tailor broadly around the time of year.

Lean Into Your Niche

While branching out can be beneficial, [holiday]-themed content still needs to closely tie back to your niche authority.

As a cooking channel, develop [holiday] inspired recipes vs. doing an out-of-character gift guide. Don’t lose sight of your core expertise.

Film Early, Edit Late

Give yourself ample time to brainstorm, film, and produce high quality content without last-minute scrambling. But you can edit and schedule videos to publish closer to peak timing.

Draft initial ideas early but finesse details as trends evolve. Set a schedule allowing flex room in case procrastination hits.

Make Evergreens, Not Just Timely Quick Hits

The goal should be creating evergreen content that continues providing value beyond just a quick trendy moment.

Avoid hyper-timely date-specific references. Center the core value around long-term helpfulness versus fleeting hype.

Sprinkle in Timely References Too

Though evergreen should be the priority, do incorporate modest references to the event timing. Using specific “[holiday] is coming” wording and imagery keeps content feeling current.

Timely mentions strike an engaging balance without dating videos too heavily.

Capitalize on Rising Searches

Research [holiday] search trends to capitalize on spike in interest for specific keywords.

Maximizing SEO with relevant terms helps surface your content amid rising competition. But avoid keyword stuffing.

Leverage Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags help discovery. Along with branded hashtags, incorporate a few trending [holiday] hashtags where appropriate without going overboard.

Avoid spammy hashtag dumps. Select hashtags smartly considering volume along with relevance.

Promote Heavily On Social Media

Social promotion around [holidays/events] is crucial when competition is high. Share content across all channels in the weeks leading up to the peak date.

Utilize seasonal aesthetics and holiday vibes in social posts teasing your videos to match the mood.

Planning [holiday] content carefully balances timeliness with evergreen presentation optimized for search visibility. By distinguishing your niche authority from vague trends, you rise above the noise.

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What’s your strategy for creating videos around seasonal events and holidays? Share your top tips for capitalizing on trends without sacrificing long-term value!

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