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The Dark Side of YouTube: Dealing with Hate Comments and Trolls

The Dark Side of YouTube
Dark side of social media

While YouTube offers countless positives, the platform’s open nature also enables hateful comments from cruel individuals. As a creator, receiving a barrage of nasty remarks can be devastating.

Unfortunately, trolls are an ugly inevitability, especially as your channel grows. Here are some strategies I’ve learned for dealing with hate comments and protecting your mental health:

Don’t Feed the Trolls

The hardest but most effective tactic is simply not responding at all. Trolls crave attention and drama. Depriving them of any reaction prevents fueling further negativity.

Disable notifications and avoid reading recent comments if they’ll trigger you. Out of sight, out of mind.

Moderate Comments Proactively

Staying on top of filtering rude comments keeps your community positive. Use keyword blocking, allowlists, banned words andheld for review tools.

Designate trusted moderators to help when volume gets unmanageable. Remove anything hateful before too many see it.

Set Strong Comment Guidelines

Clearly lay out expectations for respectful discourse in your comment section rules. Remind viewers you delete anything violating basic human decency.

Set the tone early that your channel does not tolerate bullying. Community guidelines empower moderation.

Report Severe Threats to YouTube

While generic insults may not violate policies, threats, targeted harassment, or revealing private information warrant YouTube intervention.

Flag clear TOS violations to prompt removal. YouTube provides creator protections, even if enforcement is imperfect.

Take Legal Action When Necessary

In extreme cases of slander, libel or death threats, consulting a lawyer may be warranted. Law enforcement action can pursue charges in certain jurisdictions.

Stalking, defamation and truly dangerous speech crosses lines beyond normal YouTube tools. Know your legal rights.

Separate Self From Content

Remember that attacks target the perceptions trolls have of you as a creator – not your human worth. Their cruelty reflects inner issues, not truths about you.

Don’t take hate personally. Trolls don’t actually know you.

Focus on Supportive Fans

Refocus attention on positive supporters and comments. Remind yourself the good far outweighs the bad on the platform.

Every dislike or insult is outnumbered by fans who genuinely care. Haters are a vocal minority.

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While managing negativity is an unfortunate reality, refusing to let trolls derail your channel goals is empowering. You define your worth – not strangers hiding behind screens. What helps you stay resilient against online hate? Share your coping strategies below!

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