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Trying Out Weird YouTube Trends: See What Works (and What Doesn’t)

Trying Out Weird YouTube Trends: See What Works (and What Doesn’t)

Trying Out Weird YouTube Trends: See What Works (and What Doesn't)
Trying Out Weird YouTube Trends: See What Works (and What Doesn’t)

YouTube trends come and go at lightning speed. As creators, we can choose to ignore fleeting fads or lean into testing viral formats. I decided to dive in and find out what currently trending YouTube challenges, topics and types of videos actually gain traction.

In the spirit of discovery, I tried my hand at some “weird” trending YouTube genres outside of my comfort zone. Keep reading to see which bandwagon content styles worked and which were waste of time for my channel:

Food Challenges

Watching people attempt outrageous eating challenges is a classic YouTube genre. I’ve never done food challenges before, so I decided to film myself trying viral challenges like the One Chip Challenge and Giant Gummy Worm taste test.

Result: These were shockingly popular, gaining well above average views. Fans seemed to find my overreactions funny. I’ll definitely do more food challenges in the future. The broad appeal means they can work for many niches.


Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos feature soothing sounds that tingle the brain. I gave ASMR a go by filming an odd video of me crinkling bags, tapping various objects and whispering.

Result: My ASMR attempt flopped hard. The format is tough to get right if it’s not your niche. My audience didn’t take to it. I won’t dive into this trend again.

Reaction Videos

Recording your reaction watching other viral videos or trying products is hugely popular on YouTube right now. So I filmed some reaction videos to buzzy content.

Result: Much like the food challenges, my reaction videos performed well above average. I guess people enjoy seeing over-the-top reactions? This is an easy trend to tap into if you’re expressive on camera.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing brand new products on camera has become a phenomenon. I unboxed a few hyped products in my niche while sharing my first impressions.

Result: My unboxing videos gained solid traction, but not as big of a spike as challenges or reactions. Since it requires buying products, this trend may work better for bigger channels. But it still gained an above-average audience.

Reddit Recap Videos

Videos rounding up and reacting to funny or outrageous Reddit content are taking off. I recorded videos reacting to niche subreddits related to my channel.

Result: This format missed the mark completely for my audience. Unless your brand is built around commentary, Reddit reaction videos have limited appeal. I won’t revisit this trend.

Roleplaying Characters

Roleplaying imaginary scenarios as characters has blown up, especially among younger creators. I attempted a cringe roleplay video that made me want to hide forever after filming it.

Result: This was my most dismal performing video to date. Zero interest from my audience. Unless built strategically around a story or comedy concept, roleplaying feels awkward. Hard pass on repeating this trend.

Trying YouTube’s latest viral trends proved to be an insightful experiment. Even within my established niche, some formats like challenges saw great traction while others like ASMR fell totally flat.

Paying attention to wider YouTube trends can reveal surprising formats that could work for your audience. But always stay true to your brand. Just because a genre is blowing up doesn’t mean you need to jump on every bandwagon. Look for trends that authentically align with your channel identity.

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What trending YouTube genres have you tested or considered experimenting with as a creator? Share your experiences jumping on YouTube trends in the comments!

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